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Georgia & Noah

OH MY GOD! The photos LOOK SOOO GOOD! AHHH! My mom literally started crying on Facetime once I sent them to her. My sister in law literally wrote "these are the coolest wedding photos I have ever seen". General consensus of the highlights reel you sent through has been overwhelmingly positive, I can't wait to see the rest of the pics! Noah and I could not be happier and again, I will repeat my sentiments from above: I am SO happy you were a part of our day. 

Luisa & Chris

Wow the photos look absolutely epic ! Your work had definitely not gone unnoticed on the day but now seeing these your skills outshine! 
Thank you so much for such a great experience and taking this incredible journey with us! Again from the people I have shared the link are overwhelmed by your work!
Lyndel & Nick Melbourne Wedding Photographer-5.jpg

Lyndel & Nick (+ Willis, the dog)

Dan ... you are amazing. Thank you for turning around the photos in record time! I am absolutely blown away. Thank you for being part of our day. You helped make it amazing and you have captured some of the most beautiful and intimate photos of our day. And as for Willis ... you absolutely nailed it. These are almost our favourites from the whole thing.
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Simon & Avital

You have a great eye, and as I'm sure you know (as I'm sure it's deliberate), your photos have a beautiful journalistic quality that really captures the feel of the moment. That's how we felt looking at them all - that you'd captured the day the way we remember it feeling like. It's a great record that'll help jog our memories when we're old and senile.
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Linda & Nathan

Hey Dan, Thanks for the pictures they are absolute gold!!!!!!! We are beyond thrilled with them and they have exceeded our expectations, we cannot wait to see the full package! Really excited! You truly captured the day (highs, lows and emotions) and the essence of us and they are everything that we had hoped for!
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Jess & Luke

You have no idea how excited I was to get this email! 
We screen shared our iPad to the big screen last night and viewed the photos in all their glory... what can we say?! They are just simply stunning. I so appreciate your hard work, and your wonderful eye for the moments that really matter.
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Ash & Ben

Wow, Dan. These are friggen' awesome.