Balnarring (the paddock across the road)

This is my little family - 3 is about to become 4. 

It's INCREDIBLE how life is created. It blows me away to think that two years ago, Archie didn't even exist - it feels like he has been around forever. He is so lovingly ingrained into both my life and my very existence that I just can't imagine a life without him. 
To think that there will soon be a fourth musketeer in our merry little band is something that I won't even begin to fathom until it happens... which will be soon. In the mean time, whilst it's just the 3 of us, I'm going to lavish some attention on my beautiful boy and the lady that carried him into this world - my 'Xena warrior princess' wife - she is tougher than I will ever be. 

Be nice to your mum everyone.

Other families

Ruth, Peter & Alexander

Chris, Zoe & Fletcher