Life's a Beach

2014 was a big year for us. We spent the first half of it stumbling, sleep-deprived and bleary-eyed, through parenthood (our little man was not a sleeper!) We'd left Sydney a week after Archie was born and were slowly adjusting to a new life back in Melbourne, all the while trying to decide where we'd like to drop anchor.

We'd thrown around the idea of moving down to the Mornington Peninsula a few times over the years but it always ended up in the 'too hard' basket.  Maybe it was one too many coffees on the back of too few hours sleep but we finally made a decision (which is a big deal for us), grabbed the whole thing by the metaphorical b*lls and did it.

These images are just a small representation (mainly for the people who we don't get to see that often) of our new life by the sea.


Flinders Pier
Summer 2015



Merricks Beach
Summer 2015


Flinders Cliffs
Summer 2015