Iceland & the Faroe Islands


Just like Mr Schwarzenegger himself, I said I'd be back and Iceland, you beautiful thing, you did not disappoint. This time I hopped in a camper van with my wing man Chris, a bottle of Icelandic schnapps and some Blink 182 CD's. We drove (well, Chris drove - I'm not great with manuals) from East to West and back again. My best buddy, Dan, from the UK flew out to join us for a couple of days too which was the cherry on the icing.

It is a stark yet hauntingly beautiful place that is not of this world. I can see why so many sci fi movies are filmed here, it could easily be mistaken for an alien planet. We met some awesome people and saw some incredible things. We went to an Icelandic hip hop festival and did a nudey run under a giant waterfall (no, I haven't posted the photos) We met a beautiful and stupidly talented model/photographer called Em who shot with us and helped us polish off some of the best damn white Russians on the planet at Lebowski Bar in Reykjavik.

The Faroe Islands were a last minute addition and I'm hella chuffed we did as it was an equally inspiring place, I don't know that I will ever see a landscape as insane as the clifftop lake on Vagar or the waterfall at Gasadalur which throws itself off the cliffs into the ocean with ridonkulous power.

So many fond memories and I hope one day I get a chance to come back for a third piece of the pie...


Off to the Faroe Islands...

Travel advice for anyone making the trip, make sure you get the right airport... that was a fun cab ride.

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