I wish I could do this place justice with my photographs but it is impossible, you simply have to visit. No seriously - book your flights now!

I was lucky enough to visit with my mum, wife and little boy earlier this year - unfortunately our visit was given some major perspective when our little dude became super ill on the first day and had to spend a night in Reykjavik children's hospital. He seemed to like it there though, they had an awesome fish tank and he was stoked when the nurses spoke to him in Icelandic! 

After lying low for a few days whilst he got better we managed to hit the road to take in some of the insane landscapes.

It is a stark yet hauntingly beautiful place that is not of this world. I loved it and If it were up to me, I would still be there taking photographs now

A big thanks to Anita at Nordic Explorer for being awesome and helping us change everything last minute and make our son better

Iceland - I'll be back