normal guy. one wife. two kids. takes photos.

To me, photography is the best kind of storytelling.  It’s how I like to look back on some of life’s best bits. 

You can safely group me under the ‘fly on the wall', doco-style photographer.  I prefer to capture people just being themselves. Think less posing and saying 'cheese', and more just documenting things visually.

Outside of photography, I'm a normal dude with a love of breakfast foods, a decent pale ale and coffee, lots of coffee. The other loves in my life are my two littlies, Archie and Maggie, and CJ, my beautiful wife. And when I’m not clicking buttons on my cameras, I’m usually out trekking through the woods around the Peninsula on imaginary bear hunts with my little people.

So, that's my awkward intro done. I'm keen to hear more about you guys and how you’re planning to ring in your big day.

If you like what you’ve seen around here then let's have a chat and see if we'd make a good team.  



A few pics of my tribe: