Georgia & Noah

Melbourne City Elopement

Georgia and Noah are two awesome Canadians, living in Australia who eloped in Melbourne. They're pretty cool, 'ey?!

Georgia flicked me this note after seeing their images for the first time:

"THANK YOU! I cannot stress enough how wonderful it was having you involved in our day. I think your aura, willingness to do our cheesy (but mandatory) Melbourne icon shots, and positive attitude helped us totally overcome whatever nerves or jitters we had, and to be totally comfortable in your presence. I especially know Noah was dreading the wedding photos (he's not a photo kinda dude) but I think having you around made it easier for him to get into the spirit of things. We left the day thinking 'Whoa, Dan actually felt like a friend through those two hours'. We had such a wonderful time with you, and I cannot imagine anyone else capturing our day."

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