Photographing Archie from day dot has been something I’ve really enjoyed about being his dad. I’ll sit for hours and trawl back through images of him over the last two incredible years.  Some make me laugh, others turn me into a big softy.  And yes, like everyone says, they change by the minute.  The importance of documenting those real moments in his life, whether we’re stomping through bush looking for koalas or just hanging around home drinking ‘chocolate teas’, resonates with me so much more now. 

I’m really fortunate to be able to document similar moments for other families that hopefully they too can share, look back on and feel the ol’ ticker beating a little harder. 

Here’s a little selection of my family photography.

Ruth, Peter & Alexander

Chris, Zoe & Fletcher

Cannovo family -  Generations

Max & Leo

Nick, Tom & Matthew